Why a Digital Menu is everything your restaurant needs today


A modern take on an age-old tool that could have a huge positive impact on your bottom line.

The restaurant menu is probably the most essential accessories in a restaurant’s range of tools. As an internal advertising tool, it can be used to guide and educate guests about the customer experience they are about to go through. There is no doubt that a robust restaurant menu is essential for communicating your brand, values and of course, delicious food.

The driving force behind a great design of a menu lies in a skill that is often ignored, or mistimed in execution. Menu engineering or Menu Psychology is an actual field of study that is devoted to the strategic and purpose-driven construction of menus. Whether it is a fine-dine restaurant or a local Dhaba, a menu needs to be developed from the perspective of a diner demographics, their likes and their habits. Cue the all-powerful Digital Menus.

Digital Menus provide you with the ability to engineer your menu in real-time, as habits and seasons change. It accommodates business changes, fluctuations in the market and grants you the ability to keep your offerings productive and updated. It also provides you with the ability to cut down the wait time for orders, provide in-device digital signage to highlight offers and integrate a wide range of exciting applications that make your business complete, something a static menu could never do.

Devourin’s Spark and Spark Plus enable you to take advantage of data-backed, diner preferences to update your menu. Through integration with the Devourin Inventory Management and POS solutions, it transforms your business into an absolute unit that is powered by data and enables you to increase your bottom line. Spart and Spark Plus also enable you to save money by going paperless, save a significant amount of time by reducing staff and reduce guest’s waiting time.

Spark and Spark Plus also help you stay close to your diners, even when they aren’t in the restaurant. It enables you to track their likes and dislikes of food items, and make menu changes at any time of the day, to ensure you stop losing out on peak time business.

At a broader level, Spark and Spark Plus construct a digital environment of your brand through a simple scan of a QR code on their mobile device, making the dining experience at your restaurant all the more special. By integrating social media into the solution, your business can drive the maximum reach and benefit out of your diner’s digital presence. The digital display is interactive and exciting, customised to match your look and feel while maintaining the best menu engineering practices, to drive conversions.

Spark and Spark Plus are one of the Restaurant Industry’s most revolutionary and cost-effective restaurant management tools today, developed to help you increase profitability, save money and create a high-quality dining experience. It is by far the best solution for restaurant owners in India, no matter the type of cuisine served.

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