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Devourin’s restaurant digital menu, GoDirekt, functions as a sophisticated website that goes beyond just displaying menu items. GoDierkt offers complete menu engineering with dynamic pricing and menu, based on the timings of the day and days of the week. The mouth-watering images of dishes in the digital menu not only elevate the customer's dining experience, but also help in upselling specials of the day, chef’s recommendations, and in-house cocktails and desserts. Restaurant owners can also promote any upcoming events and food festivals on the digital menu. Furthermore, GoDirekt offers direct integration with social media platforms, to run targeted online marketing campaigns to promote the restaurant, resulting in increased footfall & orders.

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Today we are just one QR code away from everything we can possibly imagine, so why not a menu?

Key Features:

Showcase Enticing Visuals And Irresistible Menu Descriptions:

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As restaurateurs, showcasing high-quality images of the dishes along with crave-worthy descriptions allows customers to visualize their dishes, making the overall dining experience more informed and enjoyable. A visually appealing menu also encourages exploration and a wider variety of orders.

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Update Menu In Real-Time:

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A QR code menu allows restaurant owners the flexibility to edit and update their menus in real time. One can change showcased images, edit descriptions, add new menu items, or even remove out-of-stock dishes anytime they want.

Dynamic Pricing and Menu Engineering:

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Devourin’s digital menu helps restaurant owners implement dynamic pricing and menu adjustments based on their preferred timings and customer flow. For example, pricing can be dynamically changed based on peak hours or days to maximize profitability.

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Promote Your Restaurants Bestsellers:

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Devourin’s QR code menu enables restaurants to promote and upsell their best-selling dishes and specials by highlighting them on the digital menu banners. Restaurateurs can push chef recommendations, specials of the day, and highest-selling dishes & drinks to entice their customers into trying new and featured items.

Integration with Social Media Platforms:

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Integration with social media platforms such as WhatsApp, empowers restaurant owners to promote special discounts and events to a broader audience, driving increased engagement, visibility, and ultimately, more customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A restaurant digital menu is an online menu system that is replacing traditional paper menus in the restaurant industry. It makes use of a phone or tablet to display menu items, menu description, and their prices. The digital menu allows for real-time changes, and also provides attractive and engaging features such as chef recommendations and promotions to elevate customer experience.

Restaurants require a Digital Menu for several reasons such as:

  1. Enhanced customer experience: Digital menus are a great way to customize the dining experience and help drive repeat visits. They are also quicker and more interactive than traditional menus, which can help reduce waiting time and improve the overall image of a restaurant.
  2. Increased convenience: Digital menus make it easier for customers to view and interact with menu items, descriptions, and prices, reducing the time and effort required to navigate a traditional paper menu.
  3. Easy customization: Digital menus allow restaurants to easily update and customize their menus, including editing images, descriptions, and promotions, to create a unique and engaging experience for customers.
  4. Increased brand exposure: A restaurant digital menu like Devourin’s can be connected with social media platforms and WhatsApp, providing additional opportunities for restaurants to increase their brand exposure and send customized digital campaigns.
  5. Environmentally-friendly: By reducing the use of paper, digital menus help restaurants adopt more environmentally friendly practices and reduce the impact on environment.

When choosing a restaurant digital menu, you must consider the following factors:

  1. User interface: The UI of a digital menu must be simple and categorized so that customers can easily go through it without facing any difficulties.
  2. Customization options: The restaurant digital menu must allow for easy customization and updates, including the ability to add images and promotions.
  3. Integration capabilities: You should look for a restaurant digital menu that integrates with a restaurant management system and provides analytic reports.
  4. In-built Marketing: Before purchasing the digital menu, you must check if it connects with WhatsApp and social media channels to boost your restaurant’s overall visibility.
  5. Technical support: Reliable technical support and assistance to help resolve any issues arising with the digital menu.

Digital menus give restaurant owners the ability to visually display their tasty dishes and entice customers into ordering more dishes. But this is just one way to go around boosting your restaurant’s sales, read the below pointers to find out more.

  • Make your best dishes shine: Show off your top-selling dishes with fancy images and mouth-watering descriptions. This’ll make those dishes stand out and grab your customer’s attention to hopefully order.
  • Upsell, upsell, and upsell: Offer customers drinks or side recommendations with their meal and create customized deals to get them to order more food.
  • Keep it fresh: Highlight daily specials and rotating menu items to keep customers hooked and coming back for more.
  • Be flexible with pricing: Easily adjust menu item prices in real-time and offer discounts and promotions to get repeat customers and a bulkier order value. 

By using these strategies, you can use your restaurant digital menu to generate profits and sell more food, enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Why Devourin Is The Best Digital Menu For Restaurants?

Forget about those old paper menus that are always falling apart and causing trouble for everyone—customers and staff alike.Explore the new way of dining with a Digital Menu at restaurants. It’s a cool and interactive platform that makes it easy for you to pick what you want. Just click around to see all the tasty food and drinks, with cool pictures and info to help you decide.

A Restaurant Digital Menu doesn’t just elevate customer satisfaction; it’s a game-changer for streamlining operations and boosting efficiency. Real-time updates mean that menu tweaks and pricing adjustments happen in a snap, doing away with the hassle of expensive reprints or manual changes.This ensures that you always get accurate and current info, cutting down on mistakes and making sure customers are happy.

A Restaurant Digital Menu is more than just a convenience – it’s like having a secret weapon for restaurant owners. It lets them peek into the minds of customers and catch the latest trends. By checking out what people love, what they order a lot, and what they have to say, restaurant folks can fine-tune their menus, create awesome deals, and tweak their game plan to match what everyone craves. It’s like having a crystal ball for the food world!

Furthermore, a Restaurant Digital Menu can seamlessly integrate with other restaurant management systems, such as point-of-sale (POS) software and inventory management tools. This integration streamlines the ordering process, facilitates efficient communication between front-of-house and back-of-house staff, and helps reduce wait times, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased table turnover.

Embrace the future of dining with a Restaurant Digital Menu and unlock a world of possibilities. Stay ahead of the competition, boost customer engagement, and streamline your operations with this cutting-edge technology. Experience the benefits firsthand and elevate your restaurant to new heights of success.

Book your free demo now to learn more about how a Restaurant Digital Menu can transform your dining establishment into a modern, efficient, and customer-centric venue.

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