Recipe Management

Manages all consumptions automatically and prevents any theft or wastage. Recipe management can give you a clear record of expiring items and helps you take informed decision to optimize your food consumption.
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Key Features

  • Standardization:
    A recipe management can help you with standardizing a recipe and can give you an exact estimate of the preparation time for all the menus!
  • Maintain Recipe Consistency for all outlets:
    If you are managing multiple outlets, then having consistency with recipe will enhance customer satisfaction and will allow you to manage costs better by lowering losses due to preparation errors.
  • Ensure Minimum Wastage:
    Minimum wastage is important for keeping tab on food costs. With a centralized recipe management, you can have an indication of the amount of raw material required and the available stock thereby giving an idea of the supplies required.
    Get a list of expiring items and consume them before they actually expire

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