Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for all restaurants. For this, getting genuine feedback can be helpful. For getting unfiltered customer opinions, digitise your feedback mechanism and understand what customers think about you to take immediate action. Echo allows you to monitor customer preferences with ease through a link-based feedback system. Our state-of- the- art feedback collection system is the most efficient way to make informed decisions about specific menu items and individuals serving them.

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Key Features

  • Link Based Feedback System:
    Understand views of your customers about the food and service by providing them a link wherein they can register their feedback.
    Get Feedback in Real-Time: Track customer feedback and complaints in real-time.
  • Resolve Issues Faster:
    With real-time notification you will be able to resolve issues fasters thus enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Track Staff Performances:
    Evaluate staff performances based on customer feedback.
  • Meet Customer Expectations:
    Real-time feedback will help you understand customer issues which you will be able to address thus meeting customer expectations.
  • Don’t Make Feedback a Monotonous Ritual:
    At most times it becomes difficult to get specific feedback from your customers. This makes the feedback exercise a mechanical ritual and defeats the purpose of feedback collection which is to gain deeper insight in ways to enhance customer experience.

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