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With Live, you can seamlessly manage all your outlets from any remote location using the Owners App. Through this restaurant management system, you can get an accurate view of the occupancy in each of your restaurants at multiple locations. In other words, it will enable you to manage traffic at all your outlets from site and also remotely.

Devourin live

Key Features

  • Turning Away Customers:
    During peak hours, you might turn away customers with few seats available leading to a loss for the restaurant. With Live you can effortlessly manage the occupancy and take decisions in real-time
  • Record Restaurant Performance:
    Knowing the exact occupancy can give you a peak into the performance details of your restaurant. It will also help you analyse the functioning during rush hours
  • Maximize restaurant potential:
    With being able to seamlessly manage all your outlets from any remote location, this tool will enable you to maximize your restaurant to its fullest potential

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