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Inventory control is an extremely crucial element of a restaurant’s daily operation. Not to know the incoming and outgoing of stocks and materials and the supply chain is a sure shot recipe to the downfall of a great restaurant.

Since inventory is a major expense for a food business, a good inventory management solution does not only ensure a smooth operations, but help keep the business profitable.

From the management of purchase orders to real time inventory tracking, clarity of stock levels at a single location or at multiple warehouses, linkage to an accounting software and distribution of purchase and sales orders, it leaves a positive impact on almost every part of the business from vendor to customer support.

Over the last couple of years, both small businesses and large opted to use the Devourin Inventory Software. ​ Best suited for restaurants and QSR chains, it essentially offers three modes of operations.

The first, a Centralized mode for a centralized management to manage everything from a single point. The second, a Distributed mode that allows franchises or branches to operate autonomously and the third, a Hybrid mode that facilitates both centralized and distributed management, allowing some aspects to be handled at a single point, even as others may be handled at diverse points.

Being a business owner, you are constantly worried about operating a smooth business. Inventory is undeniably a major factor to keep in mind when running the business and the Devourin Inventory Software is the perfect solution, enabling you to manage inventories and ensure efficient asset management.

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