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We are all aware that the global pandemic and lockdowns forced the restaurant industry to change. With all the difficulties, we believe the sector will reopen, recover and thrive once again. To spread some positivity, we have gathered some tips and recommendations from restauranteurs around the world, who have opened their food businesses once again recently. 

  1. Share your story with your customers This holds true for any marketing plan. Good and real stories create connections and bonds with customers. Before the lockdown, knowing who serves what and how good it is kept guests busy. Now, the story behind the restaurant has increasingly become a point of interest.
    Share your plans with your guests. Let them know you are going to take good care of them and you made all the necessary changes to meet the current requirements. Share lots of behind the scenes images of preparation work and don’t forget to highlight your take-away, delivery or dine-in options.
  2. Get the word out, quickly! If you are getting ready to reopen, make sure you get the word out quickly on social media. If you have a database of guests (emails or phone numbers), it may be worth your while to drop a mail or message to let them know you missed them. Prepare a special menu for the few days that follow your opening and bring the good times in once again!
  3. Get to know your neighborhood or city Build excitement around dining out again in your city. Put together special deals and combos to pump a little fuel into the business once again. Collaborate with other businesses in your area and explore cross-promotion activities to incentivize dining and shopping.
  4. Don’t forget to change your Google Business account to open A fairly large number of online services pull their data from Google. When the lockdown began, Google automatically switched the status of all businesses to closed. Make sure you turn it on again so people who search you or come across your listing can be sure that you are open.
  5. Safety, safety and more safety Stock tables with hand itizers, hand out masks to your staff and even better, opt for a contactless ordering system that will increase your guest’s comfort level and make them feel safe and secure.
  6. Enhance your restaurant’s efficiency and safety by adopting an online reservation system. This tool not only helps manage customer flow but also ensures compliance with social distancing guidelines, offering patrons a smoother and safer dining experience.
  7. Prioritize the well-being of both customers and staff by providing comprehensive safety training. This training should encompass food handling, stringent cleanliness protocols, and the ability to address customer concerns about safety measures, creating a secure and confident dining environment.

  8. Embrace the growing trend of food delivery and takeout orders by partnering with food delivery apps. This strategic move allows your restaurant to tap into a broader customer base and remain competitive in an evolving dining landscape.

  9. Consider adopting a digital menu for a modern and contactless dining experience. It allows guests to browse your offerings on their own devices, promoting safety and engagement. With real-time updates for daily specials, it’s a convenient way to enhance both safety and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with everyone and watching your restaurant businesses thrive once again!

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