Restaurant Billing Software: Unveiling the Secret Weapon of Successful Restaurants in 2024


The global restaurant billing software market is expected to touch 7916.7 Million dollars by 2031, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.98% from 2022 to 2031. This growth is a result of accelerated technology adoption among restaurant owners, who are increasingly opting for cloud-based systems, especially in the post-COVID era. Restaurant billing software offers features like Order type management, KOT generation, real-time tracking, automated alerts, and 24×7 responsive support. 

In this article, we will explore all the features that Devourin’s POS billing software offers: highlighting the importance of each feature. 

Top Features of Restaurant POS Software to Boost Your Business 

Sure, your restaurant management software needs to cover the essentials: KOTs (Kitchen Order Tickets) generation, intuitive billing, inventory control, and responsive support. But to truly boost your food retail business, you need a system that offers cutting-edge and unique features. Think order type flexibility, real-time tracking, automated alerts, customer insights, discount customization, and comprehensive reporting. The right restaurant billing system isn’t just about transactions – it’s a secret weapon for growth. 

Read along to unlock the top 15 features of restaurant POS software and how they contribute to your restaurant business. 

Order Type Flexibility: 

Imagine a single screen showing all your orders in real-time, with seamless integration of dine-in, take-out, online, home delivery, and even pre-orders! This is what a flexible order type in restaurant billing software offers. This makes it much easier for your staff to manage efficiently with any errors. This not only simplifies business operations but also keeps customers happy by ensuring smooth service, regardless of their chosen dining style.  

KOT Software:

KOT software acts like a clear communication system, sending detailed slips (including table numbers, food items, and special requests) from your POS terminal to the kitchen staff, preventing mistakes and confusion. For even greater efficiency, some software integrated with kitchen display systems (KDS), which displays all current orders on a TV screen in the kitchen, allowing chefs to prioritize and manage preparation seamlessly, ultimately leading to happy customers and a smooth-running operation.

Real-time Tracking: 

Real-time reports and monitoring in your restaurant billing software are like having a live GPS for your orders. It allows restaurant owners, managers, and staff to see the exact status of deliveries, pickups, and even KOTs in real time. This essential feature is a game-changer, offering several benefits, 

  • Improved customer experience: They can receive accurate updates on their orders, leading to increased satisfaction and reduced frustration from waiting. 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Staff can optimize their workflow based on real-time order progress, ensuring faster preparation and delivery times. 
  • Better decision-making: Managers can identify and proactively address potential problems, preventing delays and improving overall restaurant operations. 

Table Monitoring: 

Are you feeling overwhelmed? A common emotion while keeping track of your tables during rush hour. But restaurant management software with a table management feature is like having a super-powered sitting chart. With this in place, you can easily monitor table status in real-time. This helps your staff see everything at once: where to seat customers (based on their table order), which tables need cleaning, and how quickly tables with paid table numbers are turning over. With this aerial view, your restaurant manager can seat people faster, keep operations smooth, and minimize waiting time, leading to happier diners and more profit in your pocket! 

Intuitive Billing:

Restaurant billing software with intuitive billing makes processing orders quick and easy. This feature offers a simple, three-step process for taking orders, applying discounts, and completing transactions. No more complicated interfaces or wasted time – fast billing operations are within reach. This translates to happy customers who breeze through checkout, and a smooth workflow for your staff, allowing them to focus on what matters – providing excellent service. 

Online Order Management: 

Juggling phone calls, online orders, and dine-in customers can be a nightmare. Restaurant billing software with online order management is a game-changer. This feature seamlessly integrates online orders from different platforms like Zomato, and Swiggy, along with your in-house orders into your POS system. You can manage everything from a single screen. This streamlines your operation by:

  • Centralized order management: All orders, be they online or in-person, are managed from one platform. 
  • Reduced errors: Decrease the percentage of mistakes. 
  • Faster service: Staff can quickly process online orders alongside regular ones, keeping wait times down.

By simplifying online order management, you ensure a smooth experience for both your staff and customers. 

Different POS Modes:

If you’re investing in restaurant billing software then ensure that your POS model supports all three modes: online, offline, and hybrid. But why? Think of it as the engine powering your restaurant billing software. 

  • Online Mode: This model relies on a constant internet connection to operate. 
  • Offline Mode: This model can function even without the internet, perfect for handling situations where the power supply drops. 
  • Hybrid: This model offers the best of both worlds, allowing you to work for real-time updates and switch to offline mode if needed. 

This way, your restaurant keeps running smoothly, even if the internet connection is down. 

User Role Management: 

As digital scams are on the rise, it’s very crucial to keep your data secure. Imagine your restaurant as a castle, and the restaurant POS system as the control center. User role management is like assigning keys to different staff members. This feature lets you create roles like “manager” or “cashier,” and assign specific permission to each. 

For example, a cashier might only be able to take and manage online ordering and process payments, while a manager might have access to reports and inventory management. This ensures only authorized staff can access sensitive information, keeping your data secure and preventing accident mistakes. It’s a must-have add-on feature for any restaurant billing software, bringing order and security to your operations!

Digital Billing: 

Restaurant billing software with digital billing keeps transactions clear and smooth for both your staff and customers. This feature allows for electronic bills (e-bills) to be generated after an order. These e-bills can then be sent directly to the customer’s phone via SMS or WhatsApp, eliminating the possibility of errors during manual bill writing. It’s a win-win: staff save time and avoid mistakes, while customers receive a clear and easily accessible copy of their bill, promoting transparency and a positive dining and/or online ordering experience.

Discount Customization:

In today’s ever-competitive restaurant industry, attracting and retaining customers requires a strategic approach. Restaurant POS software with discount customization empowers businesses to create targeted promotions that cater to specific customer segments and business goals. This feature allows you to configure discounts in several ways: 

  • Percentage: Offer a specific percentage off a customer’s entire bill or select items. 
  • Fixed Amount: Discount a specific amount off the total bill or individual dishes. 
  • Coupon Codes: Creates unique coupon codes that customers can enter during checkout to redeem special offers. Eg. 15% on the total drinks bill during happy hours. 

This flexibility lets you experiment with promotions and discounts, attract new customers, and reward loyal ones. Discount customization empowers you to design promotions that boost your sales and keep your customers coming back to you! 

Comprehensive Reporting:

To grow your business, making informed and data-driven decisions is a mandate. For that reason taking some time out to understand your business reports and analytics is crucial. This is exactly where Devourin’s comprehensive reporting will help you streamline your restaurant operations as well as marketing efforts. 

With this feature, acquire detailed reports on everything from popular menu items and peak sales times to staff performance and inventory levels. It gets much easier and faster to analyze sales trends, identify best-sellers so you can adjust the menu accordingly, track ingredient usage, monitor staff efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and minimize food waste.

It’s a powerful tool for any restauranter looking to gain a competitive edge. 

Customer Insights:

Restaurant POS software with customer insights transforms your customer data into actionable intelligence. This feature analyzes order history, dietary preferences, and spending habits, revealing valuable trends about your diners. By leveraging this data, you can: 

  • Personalize Marketing Campaigns: Target specific customer segments with relevant promotions based on their preferences.
  • Tailor loyalty Programs: Reward customer for their favorite dishes and incentivize repeat visits. 
  • Optimize your Menu: Identify best-selling items and customer favorites, informing menu adjustments that cater to your audience. 

Customer insights ensure that you are building stronger relationships with your diners, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty – the backbone of a thriving restaurant business. 

Automated Alerts:

Automated alert add-on feature with your restaurant billing software keeps you informed. Get instant email notifications for low stock, discount misuse, or high-value orders, allowing you to react quickly and keep your business running smoothly. 

Inventory Control:

Restaurant POS software with inventory management empowers you to take charge of your stock. This feature provides real-time insights into ingredient levels, ensuring you never face a stock-out that disrupts service. Henceforth, by streamlining inventory management, you not only improve your loyal customers but also strengthen your restaurant’s profitability. 

Restaurant billing software isn’t just about processing bills – it’s a powerful tool to streamline operations, gain customer insights, and ultimately boost your bottom line. Features like real-time monitoring, auto backup, and customer relationship management empower you to run a more efficient and successful restaurant. Ready to see the difference? Book your free demo – take the first step towards a smoother, more successful restaurant today! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Which software is used for billing in restaurants?

Restaurant billing software, also known as point of sale (POS) systems, is the backbone of many successful restaurants. Any good restaurant billing software offers beyond just processing bills, it acts as a comprehensive suite of features to streamline daily restaurant operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the customer experience.  

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, Devourin’s all-in-one restaurant management software is often preferred by most of the best restaurants as it offers many features (add-ons) like recipe management, kitchen display system, and customer feedback management. 

2. What is a POS restaurant management software? 

POS restaurant software is your all-in-one solution for running a smooth restaurant. It replaces traditional cash registers with a cloud-based system that helps you process orders, manage table orders, and track inventory. Devourin’s all-in-one POS system also offers mobile apps for staff and customers. This helps you manage your restaurant efficiently and keep your customers happy. 

3. Which restaurant software is best for business billing?

In the fast-paced restaurant industry, efficient billing software is a must-have. Whether you run a big restaurant, QSR, cloud kitchen, or hotel, Devourin offers a strong solution that goes beyond basic billing. With features like management of purchase orders, kitchen displays, and built-in GST billing compliance, Devourin helps streamline operations and ensure your business stays compliant, saving you valuable time and headaches. 

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