How to choose Restaurant Inventory Software?


After months of hard work, you have finally started your brand new restaurant, congratulations! You are already aware that a strong restaurant inventory management software is crucial for running a restaurant successfully..

Every restaurant has different needs, so the best place to start is to make a list of the requisites your business needs. Once you have a list of the must-have features, you narrow it down from there.

When drawing up a list of must-have features in your Inventory Management System, POS system and vendor management software, evaluate all the software that has been presented to you so far.

What type of reports do you require on a routine basis? Do you need to integrate with other systems? Do you need to manage inventory levels at numerous locations? Do you need to generate or track purchase orders from the system?

Good inventory tracking will result in overall smoother operation. Inventory Management Tools can help you pre-plan your menu items, understand the required food inventories, do an efficient recipe costing and log down realistic profit margins. Keeping track of stock levels on a day to day or real time basis can reduce food costs, reduce food waste and help inculcate better customer service.

Whether you are a small business or large, you ideally want to run with software that is easy to use and has a good backing of customer support. At Devourin, we are proud of running the smoothest onboarding process in the space of restaurant management services. Our system is extremely user-friendly and easy to adapt to all levels of the operation.

Most systems in the market have numerous basic inventory management features defined, such as automatic inventory, recipe costing, vendor management and one-click ordering, with access to more advanced features as the price goes up. Our unique solutions are made to suit every size and scale as you grow.

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