Four Restaurant Trends for 2020 you can’t ignore


From significant changes to things you really should be doing, explore our list of upcoming trends in the restaurant industry!

The first month of 2020 is over, and if you are still trying to identify your focus areas for the year 2020, this article is for you. Today, we are going to discuss the top restaurant trends for 2020!

From plant based outlets to ghost kitchens and delivery restaurants, the foods and beverages space has changed a lot over the last couple of years and is likely to evolve even more. As we move deeper and deeper into 2020, expect last year’s trends to mature and grow.

Here is a big shoutout to Zomato, congratulations on your acquisition of Uber Eats! The third party delivery space has become one of the most convenient and profitable business models, and you as a restaurant should really pay attention to the traffic that such platforms provide.

And now, without further ado, let’s get to our trends.

No alcohol!

This one may be a little hard to believe at first, but it turns out that the eating-out crowd of today is inclining towards the no-booze-for-me-sir approach to life! Healthy drinks, Kombuchas, mocktails and plant-based shooters are becoming a significant phenomenon this year!

Yo, I’m Vegan

Whether it is your neighbour’s son or your distant nephew’s girlfriend, if someone in your vicinity is vegan, chances are you know about it. So why ignore it? Thanks to the massive growth in veggie-friendly dishes around the world in the past few years, as well as food trends such as Veganuary (that’s a thing, yes.), the no-animal-products diet has never exerted more influence on the food and beverage industry. Bottom line, if your cuisine allows it, launch a vegan menu, and fast!

Dedicated Kids Menus

Kids are people too! Keep in mind that most of the items on your menu aren’t necessarily child- friendly, which can discourage the family crowd or the young parents that would love to step out but have no idea where to take their child. Don’t miss the opportunity and invest in a right, child-friendly menu.

Virtual Kitchens

Is it the future of the fast-food industry or glorified, casual dining only farse? However, you may define it, 2020 will give us a better handle on the quick service segment’s defining characteristics and give rise to fast-casual menu items that could cause a disruption in the industry.

Digital menu

In the dynamic restaurant industry, staying innovative is essential. Digital menus are on the rise, offering a safer and interactive way for customers to explore your offerings. These menus are highly customizable, perfect for showcasing vegan options and dedicated kids’ menus. To stay competitive, consider adopting a digital menu to stay at the forefront of restaurant trends.

2020 is promising to be a year of development in the food space. From health-based cuisines to tamper-proof food delivery packaging, we are curious to know how things shape up. Rest assured, that whatever the developments may be, Devourin is always here to help you grab control of the market.

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