5 Reasons to Change Your Restaurant POS Now!


In a nutshell, your current restaurant POS may be hampering your business.

It’s not new that most restaurant operations around the world have improved with the introduction of state of the art point of sale systems that streamline different elements of the restaurant business and endow the business with features and unique capabilities. However, today we are going to look at 5 reasons you may need to change your Restaurant POS Software now!

Reason 1- Your traditional POS system is ridiculously complex

Not all POS software is the same. Each one has its own USP or may be a feature-rich based system. However, If the systems interface makes basic tasks like order placing, bill splitting, and quick checkout more complicated than they should be, it is time for a change.

Reason 2- You need to wait in line when the internet connection is unstable

As much as internet services are comfortable and convenient these days, a fall in the network can cause a delay in your businesses’ routine. If your POS system is not able to function in the absence of a network, you should consider changing it.

Reason 3- It works well until there is a real-time rush at the restaurant

If your system works extremely well in the quiet hours but collapses under the pressure of peak hours, you should consider a change. A slow POS system causes delays in service and results in unhappy customers. When the place is packed, and customers are waiting to be seated, your establishment cannot afford to have a system that lags.

Reason 4- The CRM features are sub-standard

Customer management is an integral part of a successful restaurant business. The latest updates on most modern Point-of-sale systems track customer behaviour and generate reports which can be used to create loyalty-based incentives. If your system ignores your customers, you guessed it, it is time for a change.

Reason 5- It does not integrate well with other applications, such as payment gateways

If your software does not play well with others or causes issues during bill settlement (commonly seen in credit card payments), you should consider taking on a more stable POS. This can save you a lot of time and honestly, avoid unnecessary headaches. Your system should work well with apps that report sales, inventory, CRM, reservations, time-tracking, loyalty programs, and payment gateways.

Luckily for you, at Devourin, we have created the ultimate solution for businesses like yours, taking into consideration the entire business flow, from guest welcoming to bill settlement and CRM.

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